Work Habits That Can Help You Keep a Top-Notch Oral Health

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If you want to maintain a top-notch oral health while you’re at work, our dentist, Dr. Laris Milligan, is more than happy to help you. There are things you can do, like good dental habits, that can help you keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong. Our dentist is more than happy to tell you all about them. Those good dental habits are:

-Keep a toothbrush and toothpaste in your desk drawer and use them often. In fact, it’s best if you brush your teeth after lunch each day. This can help you maintain a clean and healthy smile.

-Avoid eating sticky treats that contain high amounts of sugar. These treats tend to stick to the teeth for long periods of time, which can promote tooth decay.

-Avoid drinking sugary and acidic drinks. This is recommended because sugary and acidic drinks can cause cavities and enamel erosion.

-Don’t chew on pens and pencils. It’s better to chew celery and carrots instead.

-Don’t use your teeth as tools. Using your teeth to open a package can crack and fracture the tooth enamel.

-Drink water throughout the day. Doing so can wash bacteria away and keep the smile clean.

If you participate in these habits as well as keep up on oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly, there is a good chance you can maintain a healthy smile in Wilmington, North Carolina. For more information or to ask our dental team a question, please contact Laris W. Milligan at 910-799-5000 at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you!