What Are the Benefits of a Water Flosser?

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Water flossers are handy tools that can help you clean the crevices of your smile, which is very important when maintaining a top-notch oral health. To help you know why our dentist, Dr. Laris Milligan, recommends using this tool, our dental team is happy to list the benefits. Those benefits are:

-Water flossers can motivate you to clean between your teeth. This is because a water flosser is fun to use! Who doesn’t like using an essential “squirt gun” to clean their teeth and gums? Also, using a water flosser means you don’t have to use dental floss. This makes many people excited to use water flossers.

-Water flossers can make cleaning your smile with braces easier and more convenient. This is because you don’t have to work dental floss in and around your appliance. The water flosser can effectively clean between your teeth without the need for floss.

-Water flossers can help you have strong and healthy gums. This is because it cleans your smile and removes plaque from its surface. This can help you prevent gum disease.

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