The Treatment Options for Bruxism

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Do you suffer from jaw pain or teeth clenching as you sleep? If so, you are not alone. Our dental team here at Laris W. Milligan in Wilmington, North Carolina, takes your oral health very seriously, which is why we want to talk to you about how to get help for your bruxism, also known as teeth clenching, today, so you can get the help and treatment you need.

Bruxism can be produced by many things, from misaligned teeth to stress. However, stress in most cases is the most common cause for teeth clenching at night. This often affects your sleep and rest habits, which can lead to many health conditions. That is why the best way to treat bruxism is to talk to your dentist, Dr. Laris Milligan, so you can find out the best way to treat your unique case.

In many cases, a night guard could be used to protect your teeth and jaw as you sleep. Muscle relaxers or medication can also be used for some extreme cases to help with the tension in your jaw. However, the most successful way to help this condition is to exercise and reduce stress in your life, so you can lead a healthier life and have positive oral health.

If you need help with your bruxism or would like to come in for a dental check-up, please call 910-799-5000 today. Our team is happy to take your call and help you get the treatment you need and deserve.