Oral Health Spotlight: Unhealthy Foods to Avoid

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How healthy is your diet? If you have an unhealthy diet, the chances are you may also have dental damage that’s associated with the products you are consuming. This is because not only can food damage your waistline, but they can also give rise to issues associated with your gum line. To reverse any ill effects associated with your diet, it’s always important to eliminate them from your lifestyle as is. If you do find yourself constantly suffering from oral health risks due to the foods you eat or the drinks you drink, you may need to re-establish a healthy diet.

When you think about the greatest ways to improve oral health, you have to think long and hard about things that can easily damage your smile. This can be linked to a variety of factors including issues associated with products that are too hard to bite into. If you’re not careful, you can easily chip and crack your teeth or even knock teeth out completely. Avoid products that appear too hard to bite into, even if you were able to chew through them in the past. Ideally, you should just use your teeth for softer foods to keep them safe.

Other common risk factors associated with foods to avoid include sugars and starches, as these substances can be converted into harmful acids in your mouth which will slowly eat through your teeth. Similarly, acidic foods can also cause dental erosion. Thus, avoid all products that can potentially damage your teeth and be sure to clean your mouth out as needed. However, never brush your teeth immediately after eating, but instead use an alternative cleaner such as mouthwash or try chewing sugarless gum to produce additional saliva. Saliva is known for keeping your teeth and gums safe. The acids in foods and produced by eating can weaken the enamel in your teeth. After 20 or 30 minutes, your teeth should be safe to brush once more.

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