How to Have a Fun Halloween and Keep Your Smile Safe Too!

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It is important to make sure you are taking care of your teeth this holiday season. With all products that you may consume, you have to make sure you keep the health of your teeth and gums in mind. Even though we are all aware of the sugars present in numerous treats and sweets, there are other hazards that are also present. Candies to avoid include the following:

Acidic Products: Overly acidic products such as sour candies and fruit drinks have a lower pH which can vastly increase your risk of tooth enamel loss. Limit or avoid these products at all times:

Sticky Sweets: The problem with sticky sweets is that they linger in your mouth long after eating them which can rapidly increase tooth decay. This includes products such as caramels, gummies, and taffy.

Hard Treats: Hard treats refers to products that are very hard and often require biting into. This includes popcorn balls, hard candy, and candy apples. Exercise caution with hard snacks and treats to avoid damage to your teeth and gums.

From all of us at Laris W. Milligan, have a safe and Happy Halloween! If you have any additional questions, or to book a future visit with Dr. Laris Milligan, please contact us at 910-799-5000, or stop by our office in Wilmington, North Carolina.