Drinks That Help and Harm Your Smile

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You may be aware of the drinks that can cause harm to your teeth, but did you know that some drinks actually aid in preventing tooth decay and gum disease? Can you identify the drinks that help your smile and the ones that don’t? If not, we would be pleased to offer insight into which drinks are tooth friendly and which should be consumed sparingly.

When consider the benefits of milk for dental health, do you consider its benefits beyond the role of calcium in strengthening your teeth? While calcium is certainly a benefit for your smile, milk protects your teeth from cavities by working against acids, sugar, and bacteria.

Water is another excellent drink for dental health, and it shares many of the smile properties of milk. Many sources of water also contain fluoride, which can strengthen and restore your teeth.

Finally, drinking unsweetened tea can prevent the formation of plaque, help your smile fight bacteria, and enhance the health of your gums. However, adding sweeteners to your tea causes you to miss these benefits.

Conversely, consuming coffee can dull and discolor the teeth, but you can reduce staining by adding milk. And while wine offers heart benefits, red wine stains the teeth–though, it can reduce the risk of gum disease. Sodas contain acids that wear down tooth enamel and increase the risk of tooth decay. And drinking cold soda leads to porous teeth that can easily become stained.

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