Achieve Optimum Holiday Health with TMJ Treatments

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Some of the most important joints in your mouth are your temporomandibular joints, also known as TMJs. Your TMJs are highly complex ball and socket joints designed to assist with functions involved with moving your mouth as needed. However, they can easily be damaged by numerous causes including unhealthy lifestyle habits, certain foods, arthritis, bruxism, and dislocations. If they are damaged, TMJ disorders will arise.

If a TMJ disorder is present, pain is often not far behind. To help alleviate the pain, it is wise to seek out meditative therapies such as stress-free yoga, calming music, and biofeedback. It is also important to practice any exercises to strengthen the durability of your jaw.

Make sure you’re eating a healthy diet that is free of foods that can easily contribute to dental damage and TMJ disorders. To help diminish any pains associated with TMJ disorders, use heat packs. In addition, ice packs can be used to help reduce inflammation. For additional help, visit your dentist for an examination to determine if a night guard or bite plate can be used to assist you.

There has never been a better time to receive TMJ disorder treatments in Wilmington, North Carolina. You are welcome to schedule an appointment at Laris W. Milligan by calling us at 910-799-5000. Dr. Laris Milligan looks forward to enhancing your smile with night guards and bite plates.